Javadoc and other sources of information for developersΒΆ

Developers can find information about the internals of Tapenade from other sources:

  • Tapenade API documentation
    ./gradlew devdocker generates this developer documentation and the Tapenade API documentation from the javadoc comments.

  • Tapenade complete Javadoc implementation documentation
    ./gradlew alljavadoc generates the documentation from the Javadoc comments of all classes and members in tapenade/build/docs/implementation/index.html.

  • Run Tapenade with command-line option -dump <dump-file>.
    This dumps the Internal Representation of the source, the results of data-flow analysis, and the Internal Representation of the differentiated code. This dump can illustrate what we describe in representation/, representation/, and analysis/ Further options can be used to refine, focus, or augment this dump:

    -dumpunit <unit-names>
  • Run Tapenade with command-line option:

    -traceXXX <unit-names>, where -traceXXX is one of 

    Tapenade will then write on standard output a detailled trace of the corresponding operation on the given unit-names.